Vitalik Identifies Possible Human Verification Replacement Projects on Ethereum

The co-founder of Ethereum has mentioned two projects on his own blockchain that can replace human verification as we know it now. The Ethereum genius stated this during 2019 Blockchain week in New York while presenting on behalf of Ethereum.

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is a Blockchain protocol that allows creation of D-App and smart contracts which will live on the Blockchain. Though Ethereum has not been the only Blockchain to implement this, it has so far been successful and was the topic of ICO all through the ICO ages, in fact some experts tie the Ethereum price fall to the fall in the popularity of ICO itself. Thsi is because many important ICOs sprung from Ethereum, many of which graduated to producing there own personal Blockchain after a big success on the Ethereum Blockchain.

This is not a surprise that important projects still exits on Ethereum, many of which are tacking core issues in the human world, among thse issue is human verification.

Vitalik mentioned two such projects which he thinks will replace human verification and be a pillar in the area. The projects he mentioned are: Augur (REP) and Kleros (PNK) both of which are a decentralised prediction and resolution platform respectively.

Augur may not have been a surprise owning to the success of the company and its successful implementations but Kleros seem a not-so-popular project.

Augur is a decentralized prediction market platform built on the Ethereum blockchain founded in 2014 by Jack Peterson and Joey Krug. It also include a team of Forecast Foundation advisors Ron Bernstein and Vitalik himself.

Kleros is a Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer they provides fast, secure and affordable arbitration for virtually everything according to their website. Kleros connects users who need to solve disputes with jurors who have the skills to fairly settle them. Our resolution layer uses Blockchain technology and crowdsourced jurors to adjudicate disputes in a fast, secure, and affordable manner.

These two projects may not be the most important in the field in other people’s opinion with an unending list of important projects on Ethereum; but Vitalik is sure looking out for theses projects.

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