Vitalik Buterin Raises an Idea of Ethereum Mixer

Buterin has pointed out that Ethereum chain may need a mixer to ensure more privacy and protect transaction seven if just the small transactions. Mixers are a Blockchain protocol that provides some amount of privacy for transactions on chain.

Vitalik pointed this out in a twitter thread where he applied for the HumanityDAO initiative, Ethereum address are linked to real world identity and people can be easily exposed as to there personal wallet and amount of fraud. It is no news that physical theft are now being carried out to steal cryptocurrency from individuals and this type of initiative can be a security threat.

A twitter user Mooncritic was quick to point out the danger associated with connecting wallets to physical identity and Vitalik responded that his personal wallet is already known and that he can only advise that people join with their non-personal address. He however noted that to maintain privacy in a situation like this require an on-chain mixer. According to him, even if the mixer would be able to manage only small amounts of ETH, it would still enable privacy-preserving usage in many applications which involve small quantities of funds.

Author: CoinTick Editorial

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