US Copyright Office Clarifies Recognition of Craig Wright as Satoshi

As earlier reported by Cointick, the price of BSV may have surged yesterday due to the reports of copyright granted to Craig Wright by the US Copyright Office. This was one of the reasons analyst cited for the surprise surge; while many of the top cryptos remain on a stage with little gain or loss, BSV generally surged, attain some new heights and touched the $118 mark.

However, the copyright office has come out to clarify the claim to dissolve speculations and curiosity of many wondering what may the the basis for the copyright approval. Is Craig Wright now really Satoshi? and did the Copyright Office confirm this somehow? many want to know the basis so that they can really get to know the real Satoshi.

That doesn’t seem the case though. The general process of getting a copyright recognition is not an investigative one at all, it only require a small payment and the applicant testifying to the claim then copyright is issued.

The clarification became necessary after the news went round that the Copyright Office have somehow got to know that Craig is the original Satoshi and owning to the level of Satoshi, many are already so curious about his or her identity and a copyright recognition for a work believed to be the original Satoshis’ will never go unnoticed by the crypto world and in extension by the world in general; mostly curious about the process of verification.

And with the previous troubles about Craig on the Satoshi issue and the fact that he was desperate, the world became more investigative; is the Copyright Office being manipulated? or he really has being confirmed?

This was the major reason for the clarification by the Copyright Office. So whether you are already in support of Craig or against, the copyright approval may not really be a win for you, much still need to be done to reveal the human behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto.

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