TRON Surges Amid Justin’s June 3 Big Reveal

The whole market has seen an uptrend in price in the past trading hours and has been championed by some assets. A remarkable one in the top 15 is TRON.

Many has attached the surge to a secret Justin Sun is still keeping and promise to release on June 3. Justin Previously posted on May 26 about a huge and amazing thing going on with TRON and BitTorrent and that he has a 70% chance to clinch it.

He then recently tweeted that he was able to achieve the task and tag it a big win for the Blockchain community. He is set to reveal it on June 3.

The News seem to be huge and important. And the fact that he attach it with the whole Blockchain community, it may be something not totally on TRON and BitTorrent. Though the most likely will be that those projects own a large percentage of it as Justin is always working for his community.

Crypto Enthusiast all over have pointed this out as a factor for the price surge of TRON.

Author: CoinTick Editorial

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