Rostec Proposes the Use of Blockchain in Government Data Systems

The Russian state-owned holding conglomerate Rostec has proposed a roadmap on applying Blockchain in all the governmental data systems. The project was presented by Rostec’s structural body, the Novosibirsk Institute of Programming Systems (NIPS), during a blockchain conference in the Republic of Tatarstan on May 23.

The roadmap include Blockchain implementation in the processes and data systems of industrial enterprises, municipal elections, the monitoring of the budgetary performance and other services. Kommersant reported on May 24.

Though the report noted that the regulation of cryptocurrency is a hurdle in this roadmap’s implementation. A Government regulation will help speed up the rate of implementation of this roadmap.

Russia has been against Crypto regulation and see it as a minor priority, but the implementation of Blockchain technology as a wave has been moving around from country to country invading them and presenting a better, secure and more transparent method of performing tasks. Russia has now seen its own wave and is on the edge to implement the a mainstream use of Blockchain technology

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