Price Analysis 27/05

Crypto market on this day experienced a huge surge and maintained the normal rice for the whole day. After the previous surge, the whole market has been a little bit quiet maintaining a stable price for days until th run today which saw Bitcoin charge towards $9,000 and the whole market gained a big $30 billion.

The tale was the saw for all assets except a few, Bitcoin took along the whole market in the run so that the top 10 list never changed.

Top 10

As earlier stated, the lit remain the same and has no new entrance despite the run, this is because all the top assets experienced almost the same surge rate.

Bitcoin is now trading around $8,750 and the price is still in an upward movement tone. One noticeable movement is that of Litecoin which moved from the previous $101 to the present price of $115. Binance coin experience a low run gaining just about $1 this may be due to its previous run when the market was still quiet.

Gainers and Losers

With the market trend, there were lot of coins with good percentage of surge, the gainers list is just those that were exceptional, if not, almost all asset experience a huge gain in the day

Now What?

Analyst have pointed out a possible run for the next days that may see Bitcoin get to the $10,000 mark pointing out the enthusiasm and mass adoption the crypto space is currently experiencing.

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