Price Analysis 23/05

The market followed a deceit trend pattern in the day: this is the cumulative qualification though. Almost all asset traded sideways through the day and picked up at the end of the day to recover all the days loss.

Cointick previously reported the case of market correction at the start of the day, they all traded in that manner until just the end of the day when the whole market start to rise and somehow regain all loss from the day. Fact check is that many of the assets went as low as 16%, Bitcoin traded at soe point at $7,300 until the market started picking up towards the day’s end

Currently the market now on the rise with many asset already posting up to 2% of gain and still rising, that is the state of the top 10 assets too. But there are still some assets that were never affected by the day’s trend and moved up all through posting a best performing gain in the day.

Top 10 Assets

The top 10 remain unchanged, this is because almost all asset followed the day’s trading trend and BSV which was in the previous day reported of trying to make an entrance became normalised and is currently trading at $100.

Binance Coin and Cardano are the best performing posting up to 3% gains after the day’s bear. All others on the list all made between 1% to 2% gains at the end of the day.

credit: CMC

Top 100 Performance Evaluation

There are some other assets not affected by the day’s trend of never picked up from the day’s trend.

Waves posted 24% gain to trade at $2.94, Chainlink that have previously been on the top gainers the previous day never stopped its charge and posted a 15% gain to trade at $1.38. MaidSafeCoin got up to 17% to trade at $0.218. Santiment went all the way to a 25% surge trading at $1.21. Decentraland and Loopring got up to 13% trading at $0.063 and $0.073 respectively.

Exceptional Performance

There was up to 500% movement in a day where the market traded sidewards generally.There are three notable surge

HDZ coin went up to 524% to trade at the current price of $0.002857. PENG went up to 173% to get the current prize $0.000077. OLXA went up 159% to get to $0.001899.

credit: CMC
credit: CMC

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