MetaMask Achieves 264,000 Active Users Monthly

The Ethereum wallet app has recorded a huge spike in the number of users in recent times. MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet that specialises in DApps and one of the most secure wallet for Ethereum due to the way it carries out transactions by an extension.

Bobby Dresser, the product manager at MetaMask revealed the statistic of users on the MetaMask platform monthly stating that most of the use the app for interacting and creating DApps. He said “on Mainnet alone, there are over 25 different dapps with over 5k transactions in April, and we see new applications appear in our weekly charts all the time.”

According to him MetaMask has reached 264,000 active monthly users, close to 1.5 million transactions were conducted through Metamask last month, with one million transactions made on mainnet and the rest on testnet. It has been noticed that most of these transactions are for dapps, of which only 24% initiated by users themselves while 76% were initiated by dapps.

There are reports of 90,000 weekly users, an average active user interacts with Metamask five times per week, totalling 320,000 visits a week.

Author: CoinTick Editorial

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