Mc Afee Gives a Logic To Find The Real Satoshi

The race to become know as Satoshi has been tough between candidates. Recall that CoinTick reported that Wei Liu has filed a new copyright claim for Bitcoin Whitepaper after Craig Wright even though he stated the reason he did that is not to claim to be Satoshi but to shut the Craig community up.

In whatever case, Mc Afee has given a logic to knowing the real and fake Satoshi. And his logic seem to encompass all who have filled the copyright claim whether to be known as the real Satoshi or for any other purpose like that of Wei Liu.

Remember that McAfee has once decided to reveal the real identity of Satoshi but was told to not do so as the knowledge of his identity may have an adverse effect on Bitcoin and may have him (Satoshi) become hunted by the government.

But Mc Afee’s wish is becoming a reality now and he seem happy about that. The logic he was trying to employ previously was to narrow the identity day by day util there is only one possible candidate left which will be the real Satoshi. But his Logic seem to e playing out by itself now.

He said on his twitter handle that those who are filling the copyright claim are the fake Satoshi and that should everyone continue to do that, then it will narrow the candidates to the real one soon.

His logic seem to be right though and even if anyone filed the claim to just make people realise that a previous attempt y another is not a fact then that person too will be out of the candidates. Lets see just how may will file a copyright claim.

Author: CoinTick Editorial

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