MC Afee Condemn Government’s Move To Ban Privacy Coins

The tech expert has condemned the move by government to ban privacy coins.

Since the advent of cryptocurrency started by the creation of bitcoin, many other coins and tokens created have come to tackle a matter or another. And even though bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general have done degree of privacy in them, which is that a wallet owner can’t be known and transactions can’t be tracked to an extent, many other projects have been created to still tackle privacy. They include Monero, DASH, Zcash and the most recent Apollo Currency.

Cryptocurrency is already threatening to the government but privacy coins became unbearable. The move by government have been long anticipated in the absence of a crypto enthusiast in the system.

Mc Afee took to his twitter handle to condemn this.

The effect of this move on privacy centered coins is yet to be known but with the entrance of new players into cryptocurrency and government into Blockchain analyst predict that the move may not yet be actualised until it become impossible to go against crypto when the whole protocol will have become a part of the government.

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