Mathematically, Real FOMO Starts at $10,000 – Tom Lee

The Fundstrat Global Co-founder has predicted a real Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) for Bitcoin which will be a strong force that will push the price to new all time highs for the year.

Bitcoin has been up for weeks now and it seems the whole market has recovered from the bearish atmosphere which started at Q1 2018. Bitcoin took along the whole market in the rise and crypto markets are now experiencing the kind of surge that was experienced backe in Q3 2017 which led to a huge mass adoption and pushed the price up to $20,000. Ananlyst have pointed out a similarity between this run and the previous one of 2017 stating a growing mass adoption which not only include users who are interested in just Crypto which led to a huge increase in visitation of crypto exchanges but also the implementation of Blockcahin technlogy by big firms and Gorvenment and also the enterance of other huge companies like Facebook and Telegram. It all seems right for a like of the 2017 run which analyst predic may take the price to another All Time High.

And in fact this has been the case with the crypto market for some time now, even before the 2017 run. The pattern is; a huge mass adoption, then new All Time High, then a possiblemarket correction which may be a simple correction before the next run to a new All Time High or a market crash before another mass adoption. Though analysts have pointed out that market crash before a new adoption and ATH may have ended with the wide implementation of Blockchain Technology as this will mean a universal acceptance and the price may just correct a little.

Thomas Lee seems to have gotten this pattern and have drawn a mathematical pattern from it. His solution is that a new FOMO (mass adoption) will start at the $10,000 key support. He posted this on his Twitter handle.

He also replied to Adam Samson who has also drawn out a mathematical pattern from the Bitcoin trend and posted it as a picture sayingthat same thing he had previously tweeted.

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