Market Watch: Crypto Market Experiencing Correction

Trading was generally average on 22 of May as earlier reported by CoinTick. But the 23 of May trading opened with a general price correction for many crypto asset with some top 100 coins experiencing up to 12% fall.

Analyst however caution that this may just be a correction to pave way for the next run, pointing out the price regulation in the previous trading day.

Previous day top 10 market. credit: CMC

It is left to know the reason for this correction and whether it will last all day because it is just the start of a trading day filled with many possibilities; cryptocurrency market is unpredictable.

Analyst however noted that the cumulative trend of the day will broadcast the possible cause of red beginning for the trading day

current time for top 10 market. credit: CMC

Many traders however express optimism and point out the habit of crypto market in general that poses a little bad day in between a bull market to plan for the next run.

Cointick will surely keep an eye on the market and report the status later in the day and in the price analysis for the day.

Author: CoinTick Editorial

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