Market Recovers; Set For New Run

Yesterday was a good trading day as many asset saw a rise in price which took Bitcoin back to $8,000 mark. Many other asset experience a bigger increase, one is Apollo going from $0.0011 to $0.0016. It all still look good for the market.

Cointick discussed with an analyst about the prospect of this healthy market and he hold the opinion of a possible run forward and new ATH and despise the habit of pessimists and novices who hold every market downtrend as a possible disaster:

“The truth in the market is that everything can’t just keep going up, there will be a time to rest and a time to move backward. You can only say a market has crashed when there is an unstopping or critically steep short-term downward movement and this is not completely bad; markets do go down for some while to gain strength for the next move. It is surprising to see news of a crash in the previous trend; that is just a correction and the return now is a show of strength.”

The top 10 assets still remain in their position owning to a general market movement which involved almost all assets. The market cap returned to $255,134,528,699 and seems healthy for another move.

Author: CoinTick Editorial

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