How High Can DOGE Go After Binance Listing?

Binance finally announced the listing of DOGE Coin and started the trading yesterday, this affected the price positively as expected, the price surged by 24% and maintains a price of about $0.0039

This may be a low price for many cryptocurrency assets, but its like the price of Bitcoin for a coin like DOGE. There are many reason for this, a major reason is that the coin is an inflationary one and billions get created each year. It curently has a total supply of 120,219,215,287 DOGE.

Going to the genesis of the coin, it was created as a fork from Litecoin in Dec 2013 not to be a serious coin, but just a joke coin and that was how it got its name from the popular “Doge” Internet meme and get a Shiba Inu on its logo. But the Joke coin became a real one and is one of the biggest marketcap in the crypto world, it currently stand in the 29th position.

DOGE achieved those heights without a listing on the best crypto exchange. But that changed yesterday with the listing and trading on pairs:


The price surged in response to that, it is now left to think how far this inflationary joke coin can go in terms of price. While some fans are advocating for a $1 price, that will mean that DOGE will be permanently the Number 1 coin. Critics are wary of having a Joke coin as the first asset on the market.

In whichever way it goes, DOGE is surely a legend and has made its name and will always be an example to large supply coins. Whether a joke or not, it is surely valuable and many are holding it as a valuable coin looking for its surge.

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