Former CEO of WEX Exchange Dmitri Vasilev detained in Italy

The former owner of the defunct Russian Cryptocurrency Exchange, WEX, Dmitri Vasilev was reported arrested in Italy. BBC Russia reported.

The defunct exchange have come under various investigations in recent times and has been linked to many other exchange theft through investigations. WEX which was launched in 2017 as a successor of also defunct exchange BTC-e, whose alleged operator, Alexander Vinnik was arrested in 2017 in Greece and now facing extradition to the U.S., France or Russia.

Recall that BTC-e Exchange – one of the largest Russian crypto exchange platforms – has been operating since 2011. It however suspended operation in July 2017, and the CEO, Alexander Vinnik was arrested in Greece at the request of the United States and Russians. American authorities believe that Winnick was the owner of BTC-e, and that over $4 billion was laundered through the exchange. The Russian himself claims that he was only a technical specialist and was neither the administrator nor the owner of BTC-e, but sources claim that he was the financial director of the exchange.

After the suspension, the exchange was restarted under the WEX brand and the new administration promised to pay off BTC-e debts. The company in Singapore became the operator of the exchange, which was owned by Dmitri Vasilev.

Vasilyev was born in Minsk, graduated from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Previously, he earned a poker game, and in 2012 he went to China and started delivering goods to the CIS countries. Subsequently, Vasiliev became interested in cryptocurrencies. He spoke at the Vinnik trial as an expert.

In November 2018, WEX Exchange was bought by a former fighter of the self-proclaimed DNR, Dmitri Khavchenko, nicknamed “Sailor,” The deal ultimately did not take place. As it is supposed, the reason was the conflict of the new owner with the administrator who had access to the wallets. After that, trading on the exchange stopped, the withdrawal of funds was stopped. The account holders began filing police reports for Dmitry Vasilyev.

BTC-e was linked to theft of Bitcoin from the also defunct and controversial exchange Mt.Gox. Wall Street Journal reported that BTC-e was involved in 60 to 70 percent of all criminal cryptocurrency cases through 2016.

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