CZ Binance Turn Down Launch Invite By Justin Sun

The Binance CEO has posted that he will not be able make the Warren Buffett launch invite by Justin Sun. He then gave an analogy to rejecting a huge amount of money.

Recall that Justin Sun posted that he will be announcing something soon and that it is a big news, one that is good for Cryptocurrency world in general. The news appear to be a launch with Warren Buffett in a bid worth $4.5 million. This is to convince the man about Cryptocurrency and get him into it.

The have been many prediction as to who will make the best crypto team to attend the launch since Justin said he will be taking a few people with him to make the discussion solid.

As expected, Binance CEO posted later saying he received an invitation from Justin. He however said he will be unable to make the trip. He sighted the distance as a barrier saying: “Too far”.

The have been a lot of talks about this; many feel that CZ is personally rejecting the offer because he may feel it’s too extravagant and unnecessary. This is because distance should be a barrier in this century and the fact that CZ kept on mentioning the money involved in clinching the launch.

He said: “I guess that’s turning down $1,000,000”

In the follow up tweets, he also referred to the money:

Even when he praised Justin later on for that, the method of exclusion seem clear to those who look deeply into it. Stating distance as a barrier and going on to make a lot of post about the huge amount involved in just a launch and discussion may be passing a message from the heart of CZ.

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