Cryptocurrency, Stock Market and Gold – McAfee’s Comparison

John McAfee has took to twitter to differentiate between Cryptocurrency and Stock market. In a series of tweet he gave his opinion on why the two are not comparable.

The crypto market has been compared most times to stock market and it seems right cause trading in the two is similar and in fact if you know how to trade in cryptocurrency, then you will not need an exhaustive explanation before getting the knowledge of Stock. Another being that both are a form of asset and even when Cryptocurrency has been introduced as a form of digital currency, we may say Bitcoin and some few other coins are still currencies but many of the tokens are assets attached to a project.

McAfee has another opinion though, claiming they are completely different and citing the logic behind creation of cryptourrency which is a form of programming and that Cryptocurrencies are indeed currencies that derive its value from usage and not just a Stock asset.

He also noted the difference between Cryptocurrency and Gold using just the physical difference which made his opinion on this not as objective as that of the Stock Market.

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