Bull Alert: Ethereum to $300?

With the current run championed by Bitcoin, many crypto assets has seen a major boost in price including the major top 10 assets.

Ethereum has always been the second to Bitcoin in the crypto space and any run that sees Bitcoin break through a price will have people talking about a possible Etherum break. This has prompted a possible Ethereum run in a next big move by the market in the minds of many crypto enthusiast.

A crypto trader told CoinTick that he is expecting the next move to be one championed by Ethereum which will see it break through the $300 mark and continue a run wit Bitcoin to achieve its previous $1000 price.

This phenomenon has been in the air in the crypto world recently even though Ethereum is still shy of the $300 mark.

Mayne previously did a chart statistic and posted it on twitter of a possible Ethereum run through $300.

Author: CoinTick Editorial

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