Blockchain to be Used in Seoul Citizen Cards

Seoul is to move a step further in Blockchain adoption by introducing a complete Blockchain technology implementation in citizen cards. The major point of implementation is collection of data that will help the Government in providing administrative services for the citizens.

This was disclosed by the mayor of Seoul Park Won-soon who emphasised the importance of data and the merits of Blockchain technology as a tool for data collection. “The city of Seoul will implement Blockchain in collecting urban and administrative data to enable new services such as integrated authentication system of citizen cards, as well as tools for easy access to various administrative services” said Park.

This is not a new development as the city has been known to be a palace for Blockchain mainstream usage and general adoption; in fact this is just an addition to a large collection of Blockchain implementation by the city in the past.

In october 2018, Park revealed a five-year plan to invest $108 million to develop the South Korean capital as a smart city powered by Blockchain. This was mentioned in his speech during his visit to Zurich, he mentioned that his Blockchain Urban Plan for 2018–2022 will cover 14 public services in five areas, with a government budget totalling 123.3 billion Korean won approximately 108 million USD. To mention that the city currently use Blockchain technology in its mobile e-voting and car sales.

Judging by the previous affiliation of the city to Blockchain, this may not be a breaking news in the cryptocurrency world but on the flip side, having a city already implemented the Blockchain technology is a great way to show the potential to reluctant states. So this is indeed a groundbreaking news. More states may just start leaning towards the use of Blockchain by noticing its potential from previous implementations.

Image by tragrpx from Pixabay

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