Bitcoin SV Surges 95%, Enters Top 10

There was a whole lot of craziness around BSV today, in just an hour the price surged 60% and never relent until it achieved up to 95%. There have been many speculation since the surge that this is just a pump by a fake poster going around spreading a possible return of BSV to Binance.

Binance had previously delisted BSV after CZ and Craig had a fallout over the issue of Satoshi Nakamoto Identity, many other exchanges follow and it slightly affected the price of BSV. Ever since, the coin has been coping and posting some gains even in time of general market silence.

While some think the surge was due to a fake news of Binance relisting, others have pointed out that the opinion may not be completely true stating that the coin has been performing well and having some surge even after the mass delisting. This may just be the value of the coin.

The poster went around on WeChat stating that the issue of Satoshi has been quietly resolved between CZ and Craig and that Craig transferred 50,000 BTC from the biggest BTC wallet confirming that he is Satoshi. So Binance listing is already sealed.

Whatever opinion or reason that caused this, it is now a fact that BSV has made its way into the top 10 assets with a current price of $225. Siting in the 8th position and still bright for a run.

Author: CoinTick Editorial

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