Bitcoin Breakout and CZ Binance Prediction

Bitcoin prize surged breaking the $8,000 mark that has been using a strong enough magnet effect on the price in recent days. This surge carried along many crypo assets with the whole market cap gaining up to $30 billion.

Unknown to many, CZ Binance made that prediction in the previous day replying to a tweet pointing out a possible breakout with an analysis from a Bitcoin Chart, he said its not “if” but “when” Bitcoin breaks from the $8,000 mark.

There have been a lot of speculation about the prediction, some pointing out a possible sight from the Binance CEO, others think its just a normal prediction. The tweet came with some form of assurance said a crypto enthusiast, even though you can’t control the market but as the CEO of the most successful cryptcurrency exchange, you may have gotten some form of pointer and that can motivate the assurance in the tweet.

CZ has come out to reply stating its just a coincidence and that its just a wish coming from him. The original tweet owner have a different opinion though, saying his and CZ’s tweet acted like a pomp and that he accepted the honor

The comment of CZ is not enough to clear the though of a possible reason for the tweet in the mind of some crypto users though, but as it is, we will only have to accept it like that and enjoy the ride.

Author: CoinTick Editorial

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