Binance Sees All Time High in Traffic

The CEO of Binance has stated that his platform is experiencin an All Time High in traffic in recent days and they are trying to cope with it.

Recall that Alexa reported an increase in the number of Binance visitors in the last 3 months which saw Binance shoot up in the ratings.

CZ Binance said this in a tweet reporting a bottleneck in the system performance which led to some delay in trading and withdrawal, he then stated that they are experiencing some All Time High which mean they have to keep the system up to cope with the number of users.

He said: “Had some system performance bottlenecks, trading saw some delays, fixed now. Withdrawals also saw some delays, fixed as well, but there is a backlog will take another 15 minute to drain”.

He later posted an Update that all withdrawal has been caught up.

A user responded stating that CZ Binance should get the system upgraded to prepare for a big trading year.

Author: CoinTick Editorial

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