Binance IEO – The Best LaunchPad Ever or Just Riding Binance Coattail?

The overwhelming success of Projects launched through the Binance Launchpad is no more a news, with some of the projects making up to 800% of gains afterwards and still counting.

Some of the projects has reached an height in the top 100 with a huge performance. Even the projects launched during the previous bear market has been as successful.

The question will the arise that – Is is that Binace has a brillisant way of doin this that is unique to them and is a factor in the successs or those Projects are just sitting on the popularity of Binance?

The second answer is the only logical one to this question coupled with the death of ICO and rise of IEO. Most IEO projects has been a success while many ICOs and ICO marketing companies are trying hard to cope.

One factor may be the exchange listing, many ICOs fail to deliever a good exchange in the first three months or never enter an exchange in that period leadin to a psychological price depreciation, but IEOs are almost sure to be free from that.

Then since Binance is arguably the best exchange in the space then you expect projects to be psychologically hyped; it is only natural.

So, even when other IEOs are making their own profit, Binance maintain a high profit just because of the popularity and level of Binance.

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