Binance Charity Distributes Reusable Sanitary Pads At Nakigos School, Uganda

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BTCwires Excerpt:

Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world organized 1,100 Pink Care Tokens (PCAT) and distributed 1,100 packs of reusable, clean, sanitary pads to 1,100 girls at NakigoS School in Uganda via its charity platform, Binance Charity Foundation (BCF).

A tweet made on August 2, from the official tag of Binance (BinanceUG) read,

“Girls at @NakigoS lined up to get registered for the Pink Care Token project. @BinanceBCF volunteers verified their information and took photos to build up a profile for each one of them. So far, 1100 girls have redeemed the #PCAT they received for sanitary pads. #binancecharity”

BCF has collaborated with 47 organizations to release the Pink Care Token (PCAT) with the aim of empowering 1 million women in developing countries to improve feminine health and wellbeing. It is a redemption-only token that guarantees complete transparency, no corruption and minimum exchange costs. Binance Uganda Exchange will provide the redemption service for the Pink Care Token, and people can redeem the token for the local currency.

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