BAYK Agricultural Services


BAYK Agricultural Services is a Blockchain project aiming to improve agriculture and enable a tether between Blockchain and Agriculture where Agricultural producers will be initiated and enlightened about the importance of Blockchain technology in Agriculture. The BAYK project not only centre on agriculture, it also provides other services out of agriculture, all to expand and broaden the blockchain world and create an environment for its growth, development and independence


The goal of the project is to achieve as many services that will help both the blockchain and agricultural world, this will include:

Improving agricultural production by empowering producers through various donations and services, as well as helping start-ups. Then agricultural produce is bought from producers at a good rate to reduce incidents of loss experienced by producers through sale directly to consumers. The products bought are then marketed and sold to consumers or retailers also at a good rate.

BAYK will also move to acquire its on land and start agricultural production at a commercial level, other agricultural services will also be carried out. We will then continue to expand from country to country as the company grows.

Various programs and events will be held for producers to enlighten them on the importance of Blockchain for their work, assistance will also be rendered in Cryptocurrencies to better initiate them into its usage.

Other non agricultural services will also be rendered, the current list include a 
cryptocurrency social platform ( The base website itself), a cryptocurrency news website, a cryptocurrency store and others. The services will be solely pointed at the cryptocurrency world to help gain a total independence and to broadcast the improvement in the crypto world.


BAYK token is a token under the Apollo Blockchain so it is only accessible on the Apollo Wallet. The token is a reserve token, so its value is derived from the power of its reserve, that is, one BAYK will be equal to the value it has in the reseve.

An analogy is: if the circulating supply is 10,000 BAYK and the reserve has 10,000 USD then the real value of the token is 1 USD.

The reserve will always be increased without a limit, so it continues increasing always so it continues to 2, 3, 4 USD upward. this will always empower the price of the token, the reserve power will be clearly visible on the blockchain with the wallet address publicly published on our site. The major source of funds will be through the proceeds from our various services.

BAYK will be listed freely on exchanges and is free to sway with the forces of demand and supply. An exchange will be opened on our site were users can exchange there token for a portion of the reserve, the redeemed token will seize to exist and will be reserved.

Total Supply: 500,000,000


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