Apollo Surges In a 50% Run – Looks Good For New ATH

The privacy coin looks the best performing the the previous day run, not on the scale of general market surge but on the case of moving from an All Time Low to recover the previous and stable price.

Apollo has always seem to stay between $0.0013 and $0.002 range. This two has formed a magnet for the price. The stable price however is always around $0.0015. But in the previous market downward trend, the coin dip so low to a price of $0.0011 looking so worst in the bear market.

The previous day however turns a new story, the coin went back to $0.0015 and above. This happened in a period of on hour and has many pointers.


The sudden price recovery is a show of real value in the coin. whenever an asset dips and then recovers, then it denotes that it really is valuable at least up to that price. The normal trend is usually to set another ATH as a price of recovery.


Another important point to note is the awareness of investors. When the value dip so low, there may have been investors monitoring the cin and identifying an investment opportunity. They must have realised the dip was temporary and just a chance.

With the activities of the coin in a new and potential filled African market, this may just be one of the few assets to watch.

Author: CoinTick Editorial

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