Apollo Currency Implements Sharding

A major challenge in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the issue of scalability, how will our top currencies perform if they are made to replace say FIAT or MasterCard for example, will they be able to handle such amount of request? and how easy will it be for billions of people to have a wallet or run nodes? how easy is it to download the complete blockchain?

To handle those request, the issue of speed, efficiency and the block size is a major concern. Different method to achieve this is being employed by different crypto projects. But the best method that as so far being certified is Sharding.

edChain made a great post about sharding on medium. Quoting the exlanation of sharding:

Sharding is a concept that’s widely used in databases, to make them more efficient. A shard is a horizontal portion of a database, with each shard stored in a separate server instance. This spreads the load and makes the database more efficient. In case of the blockchain, each node will have only a part of the data on the blockchain, and not the entire information, when sharding is implemented. Nodes that maintain a shard maintain information only on that shard in a shared manner, so within a shard, the decentralization is still maintained. However, each node doesn’t load the information on the entire blockchain, thus helping in scalability.

Another valuable purpose of sharding is that after segmenting the total blockchain into chunks, the block is easy to download and will require little space.

As important as this concept is, no cryptocurrency project has implemented sharding, this may be due to many factors which include: the fact that only a PoS algorithm can implement sharding, it is impossible in a PoW algorithm.

This is the reason why the first shard in cryptocurrency is legendary and Apollo Currency got the medal.

Apollo Currency APL is a privacy centred coin running a PoS algorithm. It already has a 2 seconds block speed and has been tagged the fastest asset. The first shard is to take place at block 2,250,000 and to be segmented at block 2,271,000.

This is a good development for the asset and for the crypto world, after this first implementation, many other projects will follow making cryptocurrencies fast and efficient. This will be strong leap to achieving mainstream adoption and the possibility of replacing FIAT and other existing payment systems.

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