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Contact for all services you need which include:
Sponsored content
Project awareness

NOTE: Airdrop and ICO can be submitted here

We do all these services for a little amount which is deliberate so that we can help growing and start-up projects grow

Listed below are advertisement spots available on the site, choose the one that best suite your need and contact us on to help you place the add

  • Top Banner (Homepage and Sitewide) – Range: 728*90
  • Top Full width (Homepage and Sitewide) – Range: 728*90
  • Top widget (Homepage and Sitewide) – Range: 728*90
  • Bottom widget (Homepage) – Range: 728*90
  • Footer Banners – Range: 300*250
  • Sidebar Banner – Range: 300*250
  • In post Banner – Range: 728*300 – 300- 250

Their are other spot available according to your need

The price for Advertisement and Sponsored post start from $10 and can extend according to the height of service

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